Dienstag, 13. September 2011


tuesday evening
nothing worth it.
this whole world gets more upset about nonsense,
than my dead granny obout her short life.
so, dont aks me why,
I´m a so shitty.
Dont ask me why, I dont want to see your face.

tuesday night,
with the evenings last cigarette,
I´m holding you tight
in my heart.

you are snorring somewhere else, and I really dont know why you are not with me know. why dont you sleep beside me in these tuesday nights. why dont you shout out loud whats going on in our heads.
i want you and you want me and after the next figth, we will see.

dont worry about me,
its just tuesday.
one of all these puked tuesdays.
this time is used yet,
like an old shirt from your grandpa.

you are sleeping now with not one single word for me.
you nticed I´m gonna break down and you dont help me stopping this.
I´m gonna fall and you wont give me your arm.
cause this is nothing we can stop
I´m gonna cut.

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